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Spectrum X Mickey Mouse Just Dropped

28 | 02 | 2019

It’s finally here – Spectrum X Mickey Mouse just landed on site and we couldn’t be happier.

The Spectrum X Disney collabs have been our absolute fave so far and this is just the cherry on top.

So to all of you Disney lovers, get ready to fill up your makeup collection now.


Spectrum X Mickey Mouse Just Dropped


10 Piece Brush Set In Eva

Subtle but totally cute, this 10 piece brush set meets all of your beauty needs. With brushes for the face, eyes and eyebrows, your totally covered for your entire daily routine. It doesn’t stop there, each brush is marked with a totally cute gold Mickey logo.


Bum Bag With Mini Brush

This bum bag the ultimate festival must-have. The adorable Mickey Mouse design is perfect for adding a Disney touch to your look and the pouch has enough room for your brushes, makeup and beyond. So carrying your beauty bits around just got a whole lot easier. This even comes with a detachable cute Mickey Mouse charm!


Makeup Bag

Storing all of your makeup brushes doesn’t have to be boring, you can do it in a cute way with this bag. Finished in black vegan leather with gold stud detailing and wrap around Mickey Mouse hands there’s plenty of room to store and travel your makeup collection whilst adding some Disney magic to your beauty routine. You could even use this as a clutch bag to go “out” out if you really wanted too!


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