22 | 09 | 2016

New semester means new style. We’ve rounded up the pieces guaranteed to make an impact on those long anticipated freshers week nights out and beyond whatever your budget.

Look #1 / An Outfit Under £30

A basic dress doesn’t have to look basic. If you’re strapped for cash invest in key staple pieces you can style up in a multitude of ways no matter the season. Keep the colour hues neutral to ensure they stay relevant in your wardrobe for longer and finish off the look with a simple choker.


Look #2 / A £45 Outfit

So you’re not totally ballin’ when it comes to your buck but have a bit of cash to spend. Spend it wisely and opt to buy into a key new season piece, the bomber jacket. Perfect to add an edge of cool to a typical going out look. A LBD will also serve you well as a staple, go-to piece you can wear over and over.


Look #3 /†Splurge†???

Ok these pieces aren’t hella cheap making these the pieces to splurge on when that student loan first hits and you’re feeling flush. A ribbed bandage style dress screams premium vibes, while throwing on faux fur always adds all kinds of luxe feels to any look.


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