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Ways To Boost Your Winter Skin

08 | 10 | 2020

Winter is fully upon us and we all know that the change of season can totally ruin our skin. To start with, we are faced with major lack of sun (we’re cravin’ that vitamin D) and let’s not get into the wind, rain, cold AND snow.


Ways To Boost Your Winter Skin


We can’t avoid the cold that’s for sure, so if you’re missing that fire winter glow, here are a few tips on how to keep your skin lookin’ and feelin’ hella fresh.


#1 Cool off on those extra hot baths

It’s totes tradish to return from a loooooong day at work and run a hot bath or shower, right? This might seem like a great idea at the time but girl, this is slowly ruining your natural skin. You don’t need to go all ice cold and shivering for days, just tone down the heat a little & enjoy your soak, without worrying about skin breakage.

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#2 Tone down the powdered make-up

We know how much you love your powered bronzers girl but they aren’t much good for your skin in the colder months. The dry power leads your skin to crack and worst of all… your makeup goes patchy. HELLLL NO.

Don’t panic though, you can switch up your regular bronzer for glowy liquid products. This is major good news, now your makeup can be as on-point as ever without those unwanted dry patches.

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#3 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Swap your morning mocha for a ice cold glass of water girl. Skin needs hydration from the inside, out and water is the key to amazing skin. We know how much you love fillin’ up on coffee throughout your day but water not only hydrates the skin, it boosts our energy too. Our bae Zac Efron likes drinking water too…

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#4 Cleanse

We know you already love to cleanse loads to prep your skin for those BNO’s but your skin needs extra attention in winter. Try using moisturising cleansers and heavier moisturiser to keep your skin looking fresh AF. If that just isn’t working for you, try exfoliating beforehand, it will get rid of all those unwanted dead skin cells and provide a smoother base. Now you’ll be prepped & ready for your regular beauty regime.


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