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Your April Horoscope 2024

27 | 03 | 2024


Your PrettyLittleThing horoscope for April 2024 has arrived!

Aries season, we see you.


Star Sign Dates

21st March – 19th April


2024 Horoscope

It’s Aries season and it’s all about you!

Things have felt hectic recently but if there was ever a time to do something for you, it’s now.

Show up in style this month as you’re about to get everything you’ve been dreaming of.

Seriously Aries, this month is going to be your best yet. Embrace it!



Fire sign, meaning your passionate, creative and never afraid to be the first.

Both Leo and Sagittarius also belong to the Fire element, so you’re in good company.


Aries Traits

You have a very warm and passionate nature, Aries.

Yes to your huge presence and the ability to light up any room!

You’re the life of the party, always.

You know exactly what you want and are never afraid to go get it.

Not forgetting that you’re one of the most honest signs.


You’ll always tell it how it is.


CEO of making impulsive decisions.




It’s giving glitz and glam (obviously).

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Your adventurous nature means you and Aquarius are the perfect match.

Dream team!


How To Celebrate Aries Season?

We’re thinking out out with your besties.

Cocktails & dancing the night away sounds like the ideal way to celebrate Aries season.

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PLT Words Of Wisdom

Simply relax, Aries.

Stay true to who you are and accept that sometimes you live and sometimes you learn.

Protect your energy at all costs!


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