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Your December Horoscope

29 | 11 | 2019

It’s officially party season but what have the stars got in store for the last hurdle of 2019?

Whether it’s been a monumental year or one you’d rather forget, it’s time to wrap it up and get set for 2020.


Your December Horoscope



Step up sis, this December you’re feeling yourself and ready to party.

The full moon on the 12th inspires fresh ideas and plans, so get ready to turn it OUT.

Don’t get caught up on minor setbacks this month, think of the bigger picture here. You’re not about that petty sh*t.

2020 is full of opportunities so keep your mind free and open to accept them.

All that fun can get tiring though – take a duvet day if you need. You’re all about that self-care, girl.



Missing someone, Taurus?

Reconnect with people from the past this month and they might just stick around, so choose well.

You can afford to do and dare this month! That fearless attitude will serve you well, girl.

New connections are exciting but put in the work with your crew, they’ve got your back through thick and thin and don’t you forget it.

Sort out any misunderstandings before the full moon on the 12th. You ain’t about the drama, llama.



Stop looking to the past, Gem.

Life lessons and exes still taking up precious headspace? Ugh!

Acknowledge the feelings, take action if you need to and then

It’s time to look ahead and get back to being the best you.

Try to avoid confrontation in the first half of the month. It might be harder to do than you think.

The full moon on the 12th falls on your birth sign so you’re going to be feeling extra sassy for the festive season!



Take a deep breath, Cancer.

It’s time to unload some stress this month and you need to take charge.

Make an effort and communicate what you need in close relationships. It’s the only way you’ll get what you need out of them.

Btw girl, although it feels like it, you’re not ALWAYS right. Have a little empathy for other people this month.

Emotional relief comes in the second half of the month when you feel refreshed and ready to take on 2020!

Did someone say personal growth? We’re so here for it.



Level up Leo, you’re feeling social and creative this festive season.

Shake it up and try new things, new experiences and new people.

You’ve got a fresh energy about you and it shows.

Most signs get nostalgic during the festive season but not you.

You’ll radiate good vibes and fun and that’s what the festive season is all about. Maybe Santa’s a Leo?

You’re looking forward to exciting new things coming your way and so you should.

Thank you, next to 2019.



You’ve got big plans on your mind this month, Virgo.

You’re a go-getter and you’re always keen to set the next goal.

You’ve identified a bold move and it’s in the final stages of coming together.

It’s time for a change and 2020 will be offering you a new perspective and leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Have the confidence to see it through! December is all about focusing on your own agenda.

The best Christmas presents are the ones you give to yourself. Duh.



You’re feeling motivated and ready to do something for you this month, Libra. And it’s about time.

Pursue that personal mission you’ve been thinking of and do it just for you. You got this.

Look out for close relations who need a little help mid-month and turn to you for support. We stan a reliable and loyal Libra.

Invest in yourself this month and you’ll reap the rewards! You’re always helping others, but make sure you are your own biggest fan this month.



This festive season you’re feeling giving, Scorpio.

Look out for those who struggle in the holidays or are less fortunate. You’ll naturally be drawn to help. Like a little Christmas elf.

You love making people feel good which in turn makes you feel great too. Win-Win!

December is a powerful month for you, and you’ll accomplish what you set your mind to. Use this time wisely!

Invest time in key relationships in the first half of the month and the second half will be smooth sailing.



You’ll be presented with some tough choices this month, Sagittarius.

It’ll be easy to take the easy route out that benefits you but stop and have a real think before you do.

Who are we kidding? You’ve SO got this girl!

Think about your actions and how they affect others before making a final decision.

Be receptive and make time to listen. Your patience will serve you well.

But it’s not all that serious. Later in the month you’ll be feeling that party spirit. You’re the star on top of that tree girl.



You’ve got some thinking to do this month, Capricorn.

Unsure about what you want? Not sure they’re the one? You indecisive goat.

Have a word with yourself and get down to the truth.

Once you do you’ll feel confident it’s the right thing to do. Your gut is rarely wrong.

Don’t worry, after the 13th you’ll be feeling much less weighed down.

Now, someone pass Cap a mince pie.



Ever thought something was out of your grip, Aquarius?

Maybe it’s time to pick it back up. Whether it be at work, in love or with family. You’re not the one to give up on things.

You’ll be feeling powerful and ready to take charge. Just remember that sometimes you have to wait a little to see results.

Grab that party ‘fit – you’ll be feeling social and sexy the second half of the month.



You’re moving your focus this month, Pisces.

Take your time and make decisions carefully. Change can be powerful but the action of it doesn’t need to be rushed.

Look to the past for an insight into your future.

Returning to old memories can trigger a transformation. You’ve evolved since then and you can see it from a different perspective.

New year, new you? Maybe don’t say that aloud.


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