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Your Guide To Flirting 101

03 | 10 | 2018

It always goes so well in the movies. Man sees woman. Woman locks eyes with man. They miraculously hit it off and a new romance is born. In the real world however, it’s a bit trickier than that. But don’t worry gal! We’ve compiled the best do’s and don’ts of getting that special somebody to notice you.


Your Guide To Flirting 101

1. Do: Learn the Art of Eye Contact

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Don’t shy away from staring at him, but not in a creepy unnerving serial killer kinda way – remember to blink. Ease into it by practising triangular gazing, where you look at one eye, then the other, then down to the mouth.  One study found that it takes about thirteen glances before the average guy approaches a woman!


2. Don’t: Come On Too Strong

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Flirting is a subtle sport and one that should not be played too aggressively. Stay clear of being overtly suggestive, you don’t want the guy to get the wrong idea – or scare him away! Subtle indications you’re attracted to someone are the most effective.


3. Do: Get Hands-y

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NO, not like that! I mean touch his shoulder when you’re laughing at his jokes, or playfully mess up his hair or something. Give him that extra little bit of attention needed to push you past the just-friends stage. It’ll help him see you more as a potential date rather than one of the lads.


4. Don’t: Use Cheesy Pickup Lines

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“Touch my shirt; it’s made of boyfriend material,” never really worked out for the lads and the same goes for when we flirt girls. Unless you have a real zinger, cheesy pickup lines are generally uninspiring and don’t leave much of an impression on whoever you’re flirting with. You want to be remembered as the girl he couldn’t take his eyes off – not the girl who loudly exclaimed “Grab your coat, you’ve pulled” moments after a Sambuca shot.


5. Do: Have An Exit Strategy

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The problem with being a total flirt? Sometimes you reel in guys you realise you’re just not that into. It’s important to have an exit strategy. Have a couple of somewhat believable excuses up your sleeve, just in case you need a quick getaway.


6. Don’t: Be Afraid Of Rejection

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Dating is a confusing minefield and practice makes perfect! Nobody met their Prince Charming without flirting with a few frogs first. Don’t be disheartened if you face rejection, it’s all part of the experience and, you’ll be a better flirt for it anyway!



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