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Your March Horoscope 2024

29 | 02 | 2024


Your PrettyLittleThing horoscope for March 2024 has arrived!

Pisces season, we see you.


Star Sign Dates

19th February – 20th March


2024 Horoscope

It’s time to unwind and go with the flow this birthday month, Pisces.

You deeply care for others no matter the cost, just be sure to take some time for yourself as you deserve it.

This in mind, when better than Pisces season to indulge in some major self-care?

We’re thinking birthday brunching and spa day plans. The ultimate birthday pamper!



Water sign, meaning you are all about emotional connections. Not forgetting your incredible intuition.

Both Cancer and Scorpio also belong to the Water element, so you’re in good company.


Pisces Traits

Compassion is a true skill for you Pisces, you’re one of the most compassionate signs.

You’re deeply emotional and extremely empathetic which means you get it more than most.

Trustworthy beyond belief & yes, that does make you the therapist bestie (obvs).


Empathy comes effortlessly. 


Goes with the flow.




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You and Cancers just click.

Two cool water signs together. Think instinctive connections.

You both have a strong sense of yourself which creates the ability to easily bond.


How To Celebrate Pisces Season?

A serious pamper day is in order for you Pisces.

Spa day with your besties? You’re going to need new swimwear!

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PLT Words Of Wisdom

What will be, will be Pisces.

Set those boundaries and know anything that’s meant for you, won’t pass you by.


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