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Your May Horoscope

27 | 04 | 2021


Hot Girl Summer is fast approaching and we’re so ready for it.

Get the scoop and see what the stars have in store for you in May below!



This month is all about investing in yourself, Taurus.

Think about decisions you can make now that will benefit the rest of your year. What’s your priority?

You’ll want to treat yourself after a tough year but make sure you keep it within your limits.

Think outside the box and find your own fun!



You’re ready to be the center of attention, Gemini.

You’re radiating good vibes and people will naturally be drawn to you.

Take time to reflect on the last year and see how far you’ve come.

Keep an eye on your words, as all this attention may lead to some foot-in-mouth comments from you.

But nothing you can’t charm your way out of.



Slowly getting ready to face the world, Cancer?

You’re a natural homebody but you’re taking small steps into getting back to post lockdown life.

Mid May you’ll start to feel ready to meet like-minded people and enjoy new experiences.

Later in the month ensure your self-care routine is a top priority.



You’re used to taking center stage, Leo.

This month however you’re ready to take a backseat and let your crew take the spotlight.

You want to hear all about them and what they’ve been upto.

Keep killing it at work, you never know who might be noticing all your good work.



You’re feeling motivated this month. Virgo.

You’ll shine at work and command the room.

Now is the time to put all your great ideas out there and show you mean business.

You’ll be feeling ready to socialize and basking in the company of people you love – enjoy it!



Ready to try something new, Libra?

This month try going outside your comfort zone when it comes to dating.

If you’re coupled up, try and experience something new together.

Make sure there is symmetry between your work and life balance. Neither should be taking over the other.



Time to open up, Scorpio.

This month it’s time to open up yourself to new people and what they could offer.

You can still maintain your independence while sharing the life workload with a friend or partner.

Work on a financial plan for the rest of the year to ensure you’re on track to hit your goals.



Focus on building up your relationships this month, Sag.

Think about who you need to prioritize this month and how you can make them feel special.

You’re not into grand gestures, but small thoughtful moments can mean a lot to people.

Focus on making sure you, and your important people are feeling fulfilled.



You work hard Capricorn, but everyone needs a break sometimes.

You’re always planning, booking and working on things but sometimes it’s important to take a step back and live in the present.

See May as a month you can take your foot off the pedal and just enjoy yourself.

You can still be organized for the months ahead while enjoying the here and now.



Got a lot on your plate, Aquarius?

You might have been consumed by thoughts on where you should be at in life by now.

You place a lot of pressure on yourself and it can feel unknowingly overwhelming.

Have you taken a moment to even see what progress you’ve made so far? Hold up and take a breather this month.



Don’t worry that you don’t have the same urges as your sister signs to get out and about.

This month your home will feel like a sanctuary rather than a make-shift office.

You’ve been feeling restless recently but a moment of calm is coming in May.

Focus your communication on your family (or loved ones) to keep those fulfilling bonds strong.



This month you’re focusing on getting back to normality, Aries.

Get your finances in check and make wise decisions now to ensure you’re ££ game is strong for the rest of the year.

You’re feeling a bit apprehensive about getting back to life before lockdown, but take it slow and get all your commitments on a schedule.

You’ll feel ready to take on the world in no time.


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