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Your May Horoscope

29 | 04 | 2020

As we enter day 23,421 of lockdown, we begin to accept it (sort of) as the new normal.

We’re at home baking and tik toking our way through, yearning for some semblance of the reality we used to know.

Some have been able to slow down and take stock of life. While others have felt the confinement and uncertainty unbearable.

There is no right way to feel right now.

There’s no pressure to bake banana bread and be fluent in Spanish by the end of this lockdown. But if that helps you, good for you.

We’re all doing the best we can and that’s good enough.

We check in with the stars to see what May has in store.


Your May Horoscope


You’re a go-getter, Aries.

Sitting around and twiddling thumbs isn’t for you, so this month you’re struggling.

Your zodiac energy will want you to be outside, be physical and productive.

However, how often have you put this energy into understanding your mind better?

Focus on engaging your mind through reading, learning and discovering.

Online courses are widely available and many are free. Consider keeping your mind busy and your body will follow.

Slowing down can help you understand yourself better and get you through testing periods.



This month we’re celebrating all things Taurus!

Taurus birthday season is upon us and you’re feeling renewed.

Things have been going well for you recently and you’re feeling on top of your game.

People will feel drawn to you, bouncing off your vibe and sharing your opinions.

Use this energy to put back into your work.

The good vibes will have you feeling more confident, so don’t be afraid to speak out on things that matter to you.

Keep an eye on money from the 13th and focus on realigning your saving plans.

Boring, but it will pay off (literally) in the future.



Having a slight crisis, Gemini?

Lockdown has got you feeling restless and needy. It’s time to call up those close friends and let it all out.

Your boredom levels will have you considering all sorts. Put that hair dye down. Do not cut yourself a fringe.

Nobody needs homemade DIY jeans either, just stop. We can reconsider in June.

Your birthday zone starts at the end of May and it’s time to celebrate you in all your glory.

Use this turning of age to think about what you want to achieve over the next 12 months.



Feeling the pressure to be productive, Cancer?

You’ve got a deep urge for creativity battling your other urge, naps.

Rearrange your room around, wardrobe clear out or total DIY home project?

Focus on what you can do within your current situation.

The second half of the month shines a light on your romances.

What type of partner are you? Are you able to open yourself up to connections?

Deep dive into understanding your relationship style – you’ve got the time.



You’re under the spotlight the month, Leo.

You’re struggling with the boundaries between work and home, as the lines have become blurrier.

Focus on creating a living space that takes your mind of work, so you can fully be yourself within it.

Later in the month, the focus switches to your love life.

Consider the lessons you’ve learnt about love.

What lessons did you learn from past relationships?

What would you do differently in your relationship now?

Personal growth is using the past to improve your future and you’re so ready for it.



Missing your old routine, Virgo?

Times of uncertainty are not your thing at all.

You’ve been putting all your energy into work which satisfies your deep craving to remain busy.

Take work seriously, but not too seriously. And especially don’t take challenges at work midmonth personally.

Take a backseat and keep doing what you do well, effortlessly.

Keep a low profile in May and have faith that great things take time.



You’re in action mode this month, Libra.

You’re focusing on preparing for the future and making plans on how to LEVEL UP your life.

Money is a key point this month and sorry hun, but it’s time to save save save.

The full moon on the 7th focuses on your finances and get these in shipshape.

Wellness is the buzzword of the season, but for you it really does work.

Spend this month focusing on mindfulness and exercise and you’ll reap the rewards.



Pat on the back for you, Scorpio.

Last October’s new moon was the beginning of a growth season for you.

6 months have passed and now is the time to think about how far you’ve come.

Even small achievements deserve to be celebrated – no change is easy.

This month you may find old arguments resurface. Now is not the time to hash out old sh*t.

Focus on what you learnt from past experiences, without having to live through them twice.



Been flashing the cash, Sagittarius?

Like your sister signs, this month is all about keeping an eye on the dollars.

Get your finances in check and don’t be frivolous with spending.

You’ll be craving romantic attention later this month so focus on people that make you feel good.

But more importantly, focus on getting comfortable in your own company too.

Romances can be fleeting, so being able to hang out just by yourself will do you well in life.



Trying to make sense of the world, Capricorn?

Since Jupiter entered your sign in December last year you’ve been observing things differently.

You’ve been looking inward on how to make things better and having a more laid back perspective.

This month, focus on the things you want to achieve and actually put the effort into getting them done.

Even a small step is a step in the right direction.

You’ve got major potential, you’re just not always comfortable letting it out for us all to see.

Time to go hard and stay home, Capricorn.



It’s time to own it, Aquarius.

Take responsibility for your future, and how your health, career and development goals pan out.

Formulate a plan on what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Meanwhile, look back on past experiences to understand how you could have handled them better.

This month is all about growth and giving yourself the tools to succeed.

No one said it was going to be easy. But growth comes from difficult places so you know what you need to do.



Get it all out, Pisces.

You’re known to be cool and calming, but you’ve got grievances just like the rest of us.

This month you might find them getting on top of you so it’s time to let it out.

Say what you need to say, even if they don’t want to hear it. Because you deserve to be heard, too.

Find a space to nurture your homely side and start a mini DIY project.

Your home is your safe space, so spend some time on making it just right for you.



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