14 | 04 | 2016

Bridesmaid to your best bish? Prepare for any Bridezilla moment, here’s what to expect on her big day with 10 thoughts every bridesmaid has no matter how much of a supportive BFF you are…


Picture the scene – itís 8am. you stayed up till 2am scrolling through Instagram and arenít in the mood to hear the bride crying about her flower arrangement not matching the colour scheme.†?


Having your makeup professionally done and realising that you are actually an absolute goddess.†?


Champagne for breakfast seemed like a really good idea at 7am but its now 12 and youíre absolutely lee marvin and have hours of speeches to sit through until you can hit the buffet.†?


Why is everyone crying? You hate to be bitter but the bride and groom’s overly soppy vows are way TMI and enough to make you dry heave.†?


Having the sudden realisation that youíre probably going to be single forever whilst simultaneously scanning the crowd for a potential life partner.†?


Standing for 3 hours in 6 inch heels for a full blown photoshoot is not your idea of fun and now it feels like your jaw is going to fall off from smiling so much.†?


Trying to add up the total cost of the wedding and realising just how many pairs of shoes you couldíve bought with the amount they spent. Like 2000 pairs FYI.†?


Getting possibly too tipsy and shamelessly swiping through tinder during the speeches. In our defense – those speeches really drag on.†?


The horror of feeling yourself getting emotional at the first dance, so eating as many sausage rolls as humanly possible to suppress all those feels.†?


Texting every ex asking them to explain why they didnít want to marry you before giving up and dancing with the brideís grandad because youíre a strong independent woman who donít need no man.†?



For whatever being a bridesmaid throws at you, make sure you’re too well dressed to stress



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