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12 Iconic Songs Turning 10 In 2017

08 | 02 | 2017

We’re feeling that nostalgic vibe with a round up of 12 iconic songs turning 10 in 2017. ‘Cos those throwback sounds from your youth deserve a birthday shout out too. Feel old yet? Get ready to press play.

Kate Nash – Foundations

You said I must eat so many lemons, ‘cos I am so bitter. I said I’d rather be with your friends mate, ‘cos they are much FITTER. Anyone else remember singing their heart out to this and feeling like the sassiest 14 year old to walk the planet? Yep, us too.

Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby AHHHHHHHH. Oh no, it’s stuck in our heads now…

Rihanna – Umbrella

Nothing will ever be as iconic as Rihanna dodging CGI rain drops in the Umbrella music video. Can you even believe she was only 19 at the time of releasing this? Absolute #GirlBoss.

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

These days, we wouldn’t be caught dead admitting that ‘Girlfriend’ was a good song. But back in 2007, it was literally ALL your mum heard blasting from your bedroom. It’s okay, we were the same.

Soulja Boy – Crank That

No school disco was complete without a healthy dose of Soulja Boy and his catchy tune ‘Crank That’. Bonus points if you knew all the moves back then – triple points if you still do.

Arguably released by one of Sugababe’s best line-ups – Heidi, Keisha & Amelle – this lil’ classic is one of those songs you can’t help singing your heart out to.

Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape

The feeling of pure joy when you sang the really fast bit right. Yep that’s right, you’re looking at the next Gwen Stefani. Just kidding, nobody could replicate timeless pop bae Gwen.

OneRepublic ft. Timbaland – Apologize

Aly & AJ – Potential Break Up Song

This one totally came out of nowhere, and we have NO idea where Aly & AJ are now (you okay huns?) but we’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t know all the words to this classic.

Shakira & Beyonce – Beautiful Liar

Let’s be honest, we all knew good things would come of two mega-baes joining forces. Shakira and Queen B didn’t disappoint, and ‘Beautiful Liar’ is one song we feel absolutely no shame listening to 10 years down the line.

Fergie – Glamorous

G. L. A. M. O. R. O. U. S. Yeah! If you didn’t sing this and feel like such a badass, you’re just plain lying.

Britney – Gimme More

2007 was a rough year for Britney wasn’t it? Despite it all, she dropped one of her most iconic singles to date. Don’t even deny that this one was on your iPod Nano back in the day. And if it still is now, we ain’t judging.

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