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3 Easy Cocktails For Freshers Week

20 | 09 | 2023


Starting uni soon? This one’s for you.

We’ve found 3 easy (and delish) cocktails you need during freshers.

Try making these for your new friends, or even better, making WITH your new friends for a bit of fun before a night out. Talk about a bonding experience!

BTW, all these drinks can be made without alcohol for our dolls who’d prefer that.

Fresher’s week cocktails, incoming…



Heart Love GIF by Absolut Vodka

If you’re as obsessed with pink as we are, you’ll wanna make a Cosmopolitan!

This is super easy to recreate on a budget, all you’ll need are these ingredients:

Lemon vodka

Cranberry juice

 Lime juice

Orange liqueur


Mix 45ml of the vodka, 15ml of the orange liqueur, 30ml of the cranberry juice and 10ml of the lime juice together and voila!

For those with a sweet tooth, add some lime juice to the rim of your glass and dip that in sugar.

You’re welcome…


Rainbow Cocktail

We had to include something Insta-approved here, and so we introduce you to the rainbows cocktail…

Trust us, it’s easier to make than it looks!

You’ll need:

Pineapple juice

Peach schnapps


Blue cocktail syrup



Add ice, then pour your pineapple juice to fill up half the glass. The peach schnapps comes next, then the grenadine.

In a separate glass, mix the blue cocktail syrup and vodka, and pour that over your drink to create the gorgeous rainbow effect.

Take some pics, and enjoy.


Strawberry Daiquiri

happy hour cocktail GIF by evite

Strawberry daiquiri’s are sweet, refreshing and fruity.

The only difference between this cocktail and the others is that you’ll need a blender.

You’ll need:




Lime juice


Sugar syrup (optional)

Start by blending the strawberries and then sieving that to remove some of the seeds.

You’ll then wanna whack that in the blender again with ice, rum, 1-2 tbsp’s of sugar syrup if you have it, and the lime juice.

Once served in your glasses of choice, add a slice of lime to the edge and enjoy. Ahhh, refreshing!


Cheers to you and celebrating freshers week in style!


Cheers GIF by Selena Gomez


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