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5 Break Up Texts We’re All Guilty Of

18 | 07 | 2017

Do you remember back in the day when you use to split up over Bebo, because you gave another boy a like on his feed? Or you use to get your friend to go up to them and finish it for you? Now we hold the power in our very hands via text message. We hate to admit it but 56% of us end a relationship by some means of technology, but 73% of us hate to be dumped that way….. So why do we do it? I say it is because we don’t want to see them hurting? Am I right?


Break up texts

The worst is when they were drunk when you called it off, so they forget, so you have to repeat the deed the following day. Awwkkkks.

Breakup Texts

#1 “Sorry I am just not ready for anything serious at the moment, I have a lot on my mind. My head is all over the place. You’re really nice and it wouldn’t be fair for me to lead you on. Maybe catch up in a couple of months?”

There is nothing wrong with just wanting to do you, and it’s true what you’re saying… It just may be that you don’t catch up ever again…

 Breakup by text

#2 “I see you as a friend, you know someone I can sit and watch films with.”

We are all guilty of friend zoning, those guys we do genuinely do like but just not in that way. They’re perfect, funny, genuine and trustworthy but us girls just can’t handle ‘too nice’.

Breakup Signs

#3″It’s not you, it’s me.”

The all time classic break up saying, I think we can all hold our hands up and say we have said this little line once or twice before. Oopsieee!

#4 “You’re boring and I don’t want to jump on you, so let’s be friends.”

Some of us are a little more honest, but you know what they say, honesty is the best policy. People can get over things a lot quicker if there is no false hope, remember!

#5 “I’m just not feeling it. There just isn’t that spark you know. I’ll set you up with my friend though if you like?”

The spark is vital, it is the key ingredient to a magical, world wind relationship. Life is too short to settle for anything other than 100%, I believe that there is someone out there for everyone, and it may be that you help a BFF out on the way.

Breaking up by text

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