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5 Irrational Fears All Guys Have In Relationships

14 | 03 | 2018

There are so many things about a man’s mind that make him predictable but when it comes to relationships we have absolutely no idea what they’re thinking, what they want, why they ghost you, why they act super keen and promise you the earth one minute to only ditch you out of the below the next, the list goes on.

5 Irrational Fears All Guys Have In Relationships

Men worry about similar things to us, they just don’t dwell on it or think about it 24/7. Here’s 5 irrational fears all guys have in relationships.


#1 Rejection

The dreaded fear of rejection is always in the back of anyone’s mind – believe it or not; even men’s. Have you ever wondered why they tend to go off the radar or call it off when things start to feel like they’re getting too deep, either with feelings in general or the early months of a relationship? Maybe it’s really because they’re scared you might do the same to them and reject them. Acting on this fear first avoids the kick to his ego he is dreading, subconsciously or not.


#2 Your family don’t like him

Ok so the thought of meeting someone’ your dating’s family for the first time is enough to shake even the most confident and well-rounded person. But maybe guys worry about this just a little bit more? We’re talking thoughts like what if your family think he’s just not good enough for you? Think of the awkwardness and attempting to make a good impression at the first meeting dinner. Think of the potential grilling he could get from your over-protective dad.


#3 That he’ll miss out on “boy time”

Men seem to be more satisfied these days by bromances than their actual real relationships. Or at least that’s what the power of the peer pressure they’re feeling amongst their group of lads leads us to believe. The power a “boy’s club” has can be hard to crack and it doesn’t help that boys tend to get ripped into by their friends for daring to show too much emotion or affection towards their GF.


#4 That you’re cheating on him

In the generation of the F*ck Boy and with the likes of app dating and social media being so prominent and accessible in our world, it seems sadly the norm for this generation to be tempted away from monogamy. Behaviour such as sliding into another person’s DM’s (and the rest) is made all too easy so cheating seems to be rife. Some guys come to expect this behaviour to also be happening to them and so “retaliate” in order to beat you to the punch as a form of defense mechanism.


#5 That you’re a “psycho”

Ok, eye roll. This seems to be the go-go word some men use when a girl doesn’t react in the way they hoped, whether over something huge he did (which definitely warranted a strong reaction) or tiny. Once he pulls out the crazy card on you, your name is basically mud in his mind and amongst all his friends (aka the people whose opinion he cares about the most). Throwing this word around is not cool and shows serious immaturity but definitely tends to stick with boys.

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