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5 Signs He’s A Fuckboy

31 | 07 | 2019

We’ve all heard the expression, but do we really know the signs to look out for?

Get the lowdown right here and make sure you’re never caught slipping again.

Fuckboys – watch out. We’re coming for you.



5 Signs He’s A Fuckboy


#1. Online Now

You send him a WhatsApp and even though he’s appearing ‘online’ he doesn’t check/read it for quite some time.

An hour later, he’s still there and giving you the pure cold shoulder.

Obviously responding is not on his priority list.

text texting GIF by Love Island

(you haven’t actually)


#2. Date Night

Date night doesn’t exist.

It’s just him coming round to eat all your food, appearing distracted, and then trying it on.

Boy, bye.

love and hip hop gossip GIF by VH1


#3. Laidback Larry

There’s never any solid commitment to plans. Everything is ‘yeah, maybe’.

You’re always the one making plans. He’s happy to just coast by on minimal effort.

napoleon dynamite GIF


#4. Undercover Brother

You’ve been ‘dating’ for 7 months yet none of his friends know you.

There are no pictures of you two together on his social media.

He disappears for days at a time and returns with no real explanation.


real housewives shade GIF


#5. Too Little, Too Late

And the ultimate trait?

Just when you reach the end of your patience and finally decide to cut him off, guess what?

He’s attentive, fun, romantic and very sorry. The perfect version of himself.

The thought of not having his cushy set up anymore is too much for him to take.

He’ll be back to his old tricks as soon as you let him back in.

Don’t fall for it. You’ve been warned.





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