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5 Steps To The Perfect DIY Mani

20 | 05 | 2020

We have to admit, we’re missing our regular trips to the nail salon.

Whilst we’re unsure of when our next visit will be, we know that our nails can’t suffer any long which is why we’ve rounded up our top tips for creating the perfect mani at home.

Get ready to transform your nails and say hello to that salon fresh manicure.


5 Steps To The Perfect DIY Mani

Create the perfect manicure in just 5 simple steps.



#1 Make Sure Your Nails Are Clean

It might sound obvious but make sure you get rid of any previous nail polish colour.

We would recommend using the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover for getting rid of any stubborn colour that’s got to go.

Simply apply a small amount of the nail polish remover onto a cotton pad and swipe across your nails to remover any colouring.

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#2 Shape, File & Buff

Getting the perfect length and shape of your nails is just as important as selecting your polish.

Whether you prefer square tips or a more rounded edge, file and shape your nails until there at the perfect length for you.

Don’t forget to push back those cuticles and buff the edges of your nails to remove any ridges.


#3 Moisturise

One of the perks of going to a nail salon is that you get to switch off and relax so don’t miss out ont that step just because you’re at home.

Why not give yourself a mini hand massage to get the ultimate manicure experience.

The Mane N Tail Hand & Nail Therapy will not only leave you with dreamy soft skin but it also works on strengthening your nails and protecting them from damage.

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#4 Apply Multiple Coats Of Nail Polish

Once you’ve prepped and primed your nails, it’s time to get adding your colour.

So, apply a thin layer as your first coat in 3 strokes, one down the middle of the nail and another at either side. Try not to add too much nail varnish to the brush otherwise it can get messy.

Then, wait around 2 minutes until the nail polish is dry and go in with your second coat. If you’re happy with the colour, leave it at that but if you if you’re using a lighter colour such as pastels, it might be best to apply a third coat.

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#5 Finish With A Top Coat

Adding a good top coat is the key to making your manicure last.

The Le Mini Macron Shine Top Coat is a must-have in any manicure kit. Applying this once your final layer of nail varinsh is dry will leave your nails with a glossy shine as well as providing a longer lasting manicure.

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