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5 Things All Work BFFs Can Relate To

04 | 11 | 2021


There really is no relationship like that between you and your work BFFs.


5 Things All Work BFFs Can Relate To


Having work besties is a must-have for any job you have. You laugh together, cry together and spend hours upon hours moaning together.

If you’ve got your fave colleagues that make your day that bit better, then peep below 5 things you’ll all be able to relate to.

It really is an unbreakable bond, luv ya work besties x


#1 Monday mornings are for catching up on the weekend goss

After a whole two days away from each other best believe we are full to the BRIM with gossip to share with our work besties.

Catching up on emails? No chance. Prepping for your morning meeting? There’s simply no time.

Put that kettle on, get comfy and grab a cloth because the tea is about to be spilled x

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#2 Deciding what to have for lunch and dinner is a top tier problem

No matter the time of day, discussing what to have for your next meal with your work gals is a must-have topic of conversation.

Are we ordering food to the office? Are you an organised queen and brought food from home? Or are we treating ourselves and heading out this lunchtime?

It really is the most important question of any work day and best believe we’ll be discussing what to have for dinner as soon as lunch is finished.

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#3 Laughing at anything and everything

We don’t know what it is about being with your work BFFs, but catching the giggles is almost inevitable.

There won’t even be anything funny happening but you’ll all be sat at your desks; tears streaming, clutching stomachs in hysterics at something absolutely ridiculous.

Honestly, anything to get us through the working day hun x

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#4 Hating the same people

No matter where you work, you’ll always find some colleagues just rub you up the wrong way.

Thankfully, your work besties are normally on the same page as you so let the rants commence!

Maybe it’s been a stressful day and everything seems to be going wrong, or a certain individual has sent you a particularly passive aggressive email – your mates will be ready and waiting for a good moan.

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#5 Feeling miserable when one of you are off

Nothing disrupts your working day quite like realising one of your faves are out of office.

No matter if they’ve just booked that one day off, they’re too poorly to work or have rudely jetted off to an all inclusive for a fortnight – there really is no sadness like working without them.

Prepare for small talk with the rest of your colleagues and probably a productive work day (sorry bestie), but don’t worry they’ll be back before you know it.

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