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5 Ways To Get Him To Slide Into Your DM’s

20 | 08 | 2018

So your crush just followed you on the ‘Gram and you’ve waited like a week and he’s not messaged you? WTF! This is where you start to question if he actually fancies you or if you’re doing something wrong. That isn’t always the case – it may just mean that this guy is a little stubborn and needs a push. But fear not because things are about to get shaken and this guy IS about to notice you…

5 Ways To Get Him To Slide Into Your DM’s

With these 5 tips and tricks from the pros, the honey you’re crushing on is gonna be sliding right into those DM’s…


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#1 Post a bomb selfie

 If the gram has taught us anything, its that a hot selfie always catches attention. If you’re feeling yourself, upload that pic to your page and sit back and wait for him to like it.

Tip: Enhance that sh*t with a filter



#2 Add to your story

If he’s interested in your stories, he will be one of the first people to watch it – FACT. Keep things interesting though, try posting photos of your pets, new buys, hobbies or even a cheeky bikini pic? (You can even pretend to be interested in one of his hobbies if you really wanna catch his attention ) He’s sure to comment with an ” omg me too “.

Tip: Keep the stories to a minimal, less is more.


#3 Tag your location

It may just be that you’re in the same place at the same time, or close! It could spark up a conversation and possibly a meetup?

Tip: Don’t check yourself in at your local Mcdonalds.


#4 Like his photos

We ain’t talking about going back to 2016 and liking the pic of him spending Christmas in NYC. If he posts a fresh new pic and he’s looking a 10 then go ahead and like it. He could be wondering why you haven’t slid into his DM’s, so this will definitely break the ice.

Tip: Like only the one, you don’t wanna look to keen.


#5 Post a picture with a mutual friend

If you have existing mutual friends who you often see out and about or around town, use this to your advantage. Get a pic or a selfie with them and upload it to the gram. He will definitely hit you up with the “I know them” to get the convo flowing.


And if all of the above fails? F it – just DM him?

If he still hasn’t messaged you then what do you have to lose? Just slide right into his DM’s. Don’t throw in a cheesy chat up line, keep it classy and sassy and we’re pretty sure it will all work out for you.


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