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5 Ways To Overcome Gym Anxiety

25 | 02 | 2019

Don’t Sweat It!

Girl, we’ve got your back when it comes to overcoming gym anxiety and intimidation, its time for you to own the gym and crush your fitness goals.


Nobody is judging

First things first nobody is judging you, you might be worrying about what others are thinking about you being in the gym but people are too busy worrying about who is looking at THEM! I’ve noticed that people can look quite scary in the gym because nobody is smiling but think about it, are you smiling during an intense workout? Someone might be in the same position as you and looking around for workout ideas or how to use a machine. Hold your head high and own it because you’re there to get fit and healthy!



Ask a PT for help

This is what they’re there for. Personal Trainers are not scary – they need you to approach them to keep them in business. They want to help you! Who knows, you might strike up a conversation and they might give you a free PT trial session.



Take your bestie

Friends that workout together, get fit together! Gymming with a friend can take the pressure off being in the gym, it will give you a chance to find your feet and get to know the regulars so that if your friend isn’t able to come one day you’re still confident enough to go on your own. Find partner workouts you can do together online and have fun, your session will be done before you know it.



Plan ahead

Knowing what you’re going to train before getting to the gym will stop you from wandering around the gym not knowing where to go or what to do next. Maybe write down your workout routine on your phone the night before.



Focus on you and shut the world out

Headphones on, world off. Get into your own zone, don’t worry about getting sweaty because nothing worth having comes easy doll. Play your favourite music and imagine you’re an athlete training for an event that you are going to WIN!




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