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8 Things That Always Happen On Christmas Day

15 | 12 | 2017

You might not be able to rely on getting the ultimate Christmas gift you’ve been desperately dropping hints about for months, but there are some things you can always count on to happen on the big day. Get prepared for the upcoming festive fun with our round up of 8 things that always happen on Christmas day.


#1 You wake up in your childhood bed and by that, we mean under your Hannah Montana bedding, next to your Groovy Chick alarm clock and before it all sinks in have a flash of “where the heck am I?!”. OK, Mum and Dad, please feel free to change the decor, I moved out 4 years ago.


#2 First stop on Christmas morning? Breakfast. Something nutritious because this is gonna be a long day and you’ll need all your energy. Six or seven Quality Street should do the trick. Oh, and replace your usual morning brew with a Bucks Fizz. ‘Cos if you can’t start drinking at 8AM on Christmas Day, when can ya!?


#3 You stick on the music channel for cheesy Christmas hits back to back allll day. Hello, Slade! It should be noted that you gotta do this bit really loudly, as this means the rest of the family will come downstairs (because you woke them up screaming ‘IT’S CHRIIIISTMAAAS’).


#4 PRESENT OPENING TIME. Need we say more? This sh*t is the best! And hey we’re not just talking about receiving. Seeing the look on your mum’s face light up when she’s opening her gifts is enough to make even the biggest Christmas Grinch all warm and fuzzy inside.


#5 Time to somehow simultaneously get ready AND help out your Mum/Dad in the kitchen. Try to avoid the pots and pans your Mum will inevitably fling at you when she loses it in a Christmas-induced rage. Chill out, Karen we all know your roasties are gonna be amazing.


#6 Arguing with your sibling over what cheesy Christmas TV you’re watching while you wait for the dinner to cook. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how old you get when it comes to wars over the remote, it’s sibling rivalry back with a vengeance. Love ya really, sis.


#7 Someone will insist on buying the beloved family pet a festive outfit of some sort. You’ll all love it and all stand around gushing squeals of “OMG so cute!” taking endless cute pics for the ‘Gram. The beloved family pet won’t be so sure.


#8 You always tell yourself not to, but do you ever listen? Sure getting sloshed off snowballs and mulled wine seems like a good idea at the time but having to show your face the next morning and act fresh and nonchalant whilst fighting off the fear all day is never much fun. We KNOW you know what we’re talkin’ about.

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