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Advice For If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed ATM

06 | 05 | 2021

Is it all just getting a little too much doll? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.


Advice For If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed ATM


With recent events and lockdown beginning to ease, it’s totally normal to be feeling overwhelmed rn. Whether it’s university, work, or just getting accustomed to socialising again (eek) – the thought of going back to ‘normal’ life can leave you feeling incredibly drained.

Remember babe, your mental health matters more than any work commitment or social event. so it’s important to take extra-good care of yourself when you begin to feel these emotions building up.



Have a Digital Detox

Take some much-needed time to step away from your phone or laptop, and spend some quality time with yourself or your loved ones. Being bombarded with constant emails, text messages and social media feeds is a surefire way to overstimulate your brain and leave you feeling overwhelmed, so ditch the digital distractions and make way for some serious YOU time.

Consider getting out for some fresh air and exercise, read your favourite book or listen to some music – whatever takes your mind off the situation. Remember that what you are feeling is normal and it’s OK to take a break.


Make A List

Start your day off right by creating a list of everything you want to achieve. Managing your time effectively will prevent you from getting stressed, and you will feel a sense of achievement after every task you successfully complete and cross off.

Timeblocking is also a great way of mapping out your work or studies. Dedicate specific time slots throughout your day to complete certain tasks – prioritising the most important jobs – and notice how much smoother your day goes.


Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Create healthy boundaries and avoid burnout by learning that’s it’s OK to say no sometimes.

If you always fill all your free time with more plans then you will be left with very little opportunity for rest and recovery. This can leave you feeling stressed, exhausted, and there’s more chance you will have to cancel on the more important events.


Ask For Help

Reach out to friends or family to talk about your concerns. Getting your feelings out in the open may not directly solve the problem, but can be a great way to take the weight off your shoulders and get some emotional support and encouragement.

If it’s workload that’s getting you down, schedule a meeting with your manager to talk through the situation and let them know exactly what you’re struggling with, there’s no shame in needing a little helping hand!


Remember, you’ve got this!

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