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I'm Patricia, a marketing graduate at PLT. My style would be more of a clean girl aesthetic, or more shapewear/fitted clothing. I do love a good turtleneck and oversized jumpers with a pair of trainers. I do like to look at outfits I see around the office or social media for inspiration, or even outfits I see when I’m out and about. I tend to go for more neutral colours just because I feel like they go with everything and they’re a lot easier to style than more out-there, bold colours, but I’m very appreciative of those who know how to style it and pull it off! I love a bit of reality-tv, that is usually my go-to when I’m having a lazy day at home, or a drama like grey’s anatomy. I’ve also been teaching myself Spanish for over a year now as well as guitar- but I’m still terrible – I guess it’s the thought that counts!