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Books To Read In Lockdown

23 | 02 | 2021

Those of us lucky enough to have some spare time this lockdown can level up our book game.

A good book can pass the hours and is the perfect escapism.

We compiled a list of our current faves, so peep the below for our latest literary loves.




Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

An accessible read into feminism which covers a broad range of subjects including impossible beauty standards, body image, self-love and identity building.

It’s impact can be seen by its consistent appearance on bestseller lists.

A must-read.



Queenie is the story of a 26-year-old British Jamaican woman trying to find her own path in an often difficult world.

Queenie is painfully funny, heart-warming and thought-provoking, while never feeling cliche.

The book dives into clashing cultures, relationships, careers and friendships which many will find super relatable.


Home Body

The third collection from Instagram poet extraordinaire Rupi Kaur.

A collection of thoughtful, tender poems to uplift your mood and energy.

Rupi’s approach to poetry makes it accessible and super easy to read. It covers topics such as love, family, acceptance and change.


The Panic Years

Nell dives right into a part of life people don’t discuss enough.

The years of adulthood where massive decisions about relationships, children and careers bulldoze at you in one big swoop.

A comforting, funny and engaging read to help you feel like you’ve got this.


The Interior Design Handbook

We’ve all been sat in our houses a lot more and interior design has become a very, very big trend.

Get ahead of the basics with this beautifully illustrated guide on creating a space that works for you.

It’s cool, edgy and just the escape we need from lockdown fatigue.

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