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Cute Summer Date Ideas

08 | 07 | 2019

We love us a Summer romance.

The hard, cold Winter has departed so it’s time to defrost your icy heart and flirt the long Summer days away.

But where to go?!

You’re already on a first name basis with all the team at your local Nandos so you deffo need a new date hangout.

We got you, girl. Dating dilemmas are over.


Al Fresco

Also known as, ‘lunch in the park’.

Grab delicious snacks, a snazzy picnic blanket and hitch up under a tree.

Inexpensive, romantic and most definitely cute.

picnic zoom in GIF


Boat Bae

Find a boating lake near you and dive in for smooth sailing romance.

Float away and get to know each other while taking in the beaut surroundings.

Just make sure one of you knows how to row to avoid disaster. Or wear life jackets. Sexy.

jack and rose 90s GIF


Culture (or ‘Kulture’ if you’re Cardi B)

Check out a museum or gallery and learn/discover something new together.

danny devito art show GIF


Outdoor Cinema

There are outdoor screenings happening in parks everywhere this Summer.

Find your local one and settle down for a classic movie night under the stars.

Image result for outdoor cinema gif


Arcade / Funfair

Get old school and hit up the fair or arcade for a playful and fun day.

And you can make them win you a stuffed animal.


Image result for ella mai boo'd up video gif


Happy Dating x



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