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Actually Fun 1st Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol

01 | 03 | 2018

Ok, before you recoil in horror at the idea of going into first date territory without even a sip of alcohol for some dutch courage – hear us out. The benefits? Cheaper, better for your waistline, and most importantly the removal of alcohol from a situation actually allows you the chance to get to know someone for them. What’s more, there’s no risk of embarrassing yourself with sloppy drunk behaviour and running the risk of oversharing (you do not need to be bringing up how you’re still not fully over your ex right now).


Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol


If he’s a recent swipe or a long-term love, here’s our fave date ideas that don’t involve alcohol.


Learn Something New

Cooking, pottery, macrame – the list goes on. Whatever you fancy trying your hand at, it’s likely to be unknown territory for both of you so you’ll get to learn a new skill too. If you opt for a more crafty option you’ll even get the chance to take something away from the date to add as a keepsake to the memory box – either to look back fondly on or inevitably break if it all goes pear-shaped months later.


Test Yourselves

Testing times, stress and pressure under a time limit… these are the things that bring potential couples together right? Break out or escape room dates are one for the couple who like to do things a bit differently. Hopefully you’ll not end up screaming at each other in a panic and hey even if you do you can laugh about it later.


Cinema Date

A date that doesn’t require much (any) talking during the film and then has the option for a lengthy analysis of the storyline afterward if that’s your kind of thing. Perf for any movie buffs or if you wanna keep the date more the traditional route.


Go Rambling

This date idea is totally free and with just you, and the great outdoors it really allows you to get to know each other. Drive to some country location, or just set off walking with no real destination in mind. Taking a picnic pitstop is essential obv but let’s mix it up here. Both of you be responsible for the other’s packed lunch and see what you end up with.


Get Your Game On

Go to an arcade and get your gaming on to inspire a little healthy competition. From dance offs on the dance mat, to classic car racing and everything in between, this is your opportunity to have some good old-fashioned fun together. We’re rooting for you girl, kick butt.

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