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Does Flirting Count As Cheating?

09 | 03 | 2020

How do we define flirting?

Whether it’s a look across the bar that lingers too long or getting hot and heavy in the DMs – is flirting with others acceptable when you’re boo’d up?

Is it a harmless release from the mundane every day or the intention to spark something new?

We dive into the debate and try to get to the bottom of this tricky dilemma.


Does Flirting Count As Cheating?


1# Personality

Is your bae naturally flirty?

Are they known to lock eyes, laugh and touch when engaging in conversations?

If these are traits the person you got with has then they aren’t necessarily going to change this just because they have a partner.

This is part of who they are and their communication style.

If the intention behind it is harmless then it’s a red flag free zone.

Flirting isn’t necessarily an indication of sexual attraction.


#2 Options

Are they still texting, talking, snapping and DMing past acquaintances?

This can be an issue as it can feel like they are holding out for a ‘back up’ or keeping options hanging around.

If you’re happy and invested in your current situation there is really no need to be keeping these doors open.

No side pieces here, thank you.


#3 Past Behaviour

The way a person behaved in previous relationships is the best indicator of how they will behave in their current one.

Of course, people change and grow.

But ultimately, if they have been unfaithful previously then flirting is a dangerous game for them to partake in.

Watch that one.


#4 Jealousy

Are they flirting to make you jealous or because they aren’t happy in the relationship?

These guys aren’t cheating, they’re just d*cks.

It’s blatant disrespect and we have no time for it.

Run for the hills, hun.


#5 Boundaries

Maybe as a couple your pretty chill about flirting.

If you’ve both discussed what qualifies as flirting and what the line is, it’s fair game.

Deception is the issue – if you’re open and honest about flirting then there’s no problem.

Hiding stuff and blurred boundaries are the betrayal, not the flirting itself.


What’s the 411?

Ultimately, flirting when in a relationship comes down to your dynamic as a couple.

Your beliefs and boundaries dictate if flirting is cheating and this should be discussed and agreed by both of you.

If you can’t agree on this then you’re likely to find yourself in messy situations.

Someones flirting should never be harmful or hurtful to either of you.

Define your personal views on the matter with your partner in a mature way and meet in the middle.


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