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Examples Of Girl Code We Can All Learn From

29 | 08 | 2017

Girl code. It’s something we live and swear by, and yet something that doesn’t even need to be explained. Us girls gotta stick together, encourage each other and always lift each other up because if we don’t, who will!? In celebration of all things girl power, we rounded up our fave girl code moments. These are some examples we could all stand to learn something from:

Bathroom Baes

When you’re in the club toilet having a heart to heart with some random girl, and she’s telling you to ditch that f*ckboy because you deserve the world. You then touch up each other’s makeup and perform a spontaneous dance routine. They do say toilet friends are friends for life. At least we do.

beyonce gif

Little Mix = GOALS

Literally every time Little Mix do anything ever. Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne are alllll about GRL PWR. You’ve only gotta look at their songs to know these gals don’t put anyone before each other. From winning the X Factor, to v public breakups, the girls have lived it all together and come out of every battle stronger. They’re pretty much the coolest girl gang on the planet. No but seriously, can we join? We’ll bring the snacks.

little mix gif


When you find some completely random girl’s selfie on the explore page and start hyping her up, because let’s be honest, she looks insane. We could all use a lil’ more of that. Forget boys who like all the girl’s pics, we wanna be girls who like all the girl’s pics.

selena gomez gif

Nicki = QUEEN

Anyone else remember that time Kelly Clarkson tweeted that she wanted a body like Nicki Minaj, so Nicki tweeted her back and told her that her booty and thighs were very sexy already? THAT’S the kinda girl support we are alllll about!

nicki minaj gif

Proof-readin’ Prins

We all know that behind every strong woman is another 5 strong women who proofread her e-mail/text/DM reeeeal quick before she pressed send. Boys, don’t ever believe a relationship with us is private. At least 3 other girls are reading everything you send. And we mean EVERYTHING.

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