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How Not To Get Involved With An Emotionally Unavailable Boy

18 | 08 | 2017

‘Oh I’m a boy and I have no emotions’ bore off. It’s actually draining hun.

Butttttt for some reason we have an infatuation with boys like this, we want to be that special one that converts them into this loving ball of mush. That wanting what we can’t have springs back to mind.

The best thing is to avoid this type of boy as much as possible and get out quick before you catch feelings – because remember baes, we catch flights not feelings.


1# Communication Game

If they’re slow at replying or just not replying at all. Always keep them at arms length, play them at their own game. If it starts off as a game, it will always be a game.

Unemotionally Unavailable Boy


#2 Alone Time

Avoid spending the night if possible, keep it strictly fun and games no TLC allowed. It is essential you’re in a group or sat with flat mates, this keeps the alone time down to a minimum.

Unemotionally Unavailable Boy


#3 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Keep your options open, as long as this isn’t the only guy you have your eye on you can avoid getting too involved. Another ‘playing him at his own game’ type situation.

Unemotionally Unavailable Boy


#4 Make sure you’re a social butterfly

So when they finally come crawling for some bae time, you will be too busy and won’t be available for at least another week. The less time you spend with them the less likely you are to catch feelings.

Unemotionally Unavailable Boy


#5 Ignore the positives, acknowledge the negative

If he stops replying and drops the ‘I’m not looking for anything serious’ comment, this guy isn’t worth your valuable time. He may enjoy your company when he is alone, and he may cuddle you all night, but don’t choose to ignore the important unemotional signs that we all seem to avoid so frequently.

Unemotionally Unavailable Boy


Just because he is emotionally unavailable doesn’t mean he won’t ever be available… It means he’s not serious about falling in love at this point. So if you really feel like this guy is perfection then play the field yourself and keep him on the side line… You never know what the future holds. You got this!

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