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How To Be Good At Flirting

09 | 07 | 2020

Woman see man. Man sees woman. They lock eyes, miraculously hit it off and a new romance is born. A tale as old as time. Ok, while that might happen easy enough in the movies, in the real world things can be a little trickier to maneuver. Never fear, we’ve got your back when it comes to flirting 1010. Ready to flirt with finesse? Let’s go!


How To Be Good At Flirting


We’ve compiled the best do’s and don’ts of getting that special somebody to notice you with our top tips on how to be good, no let’s make it great, at flirting.


Eye Contact

Eye contact is pivotal when it comes to flirting with it probably being the best way to indicate your interest in a crush without directly telling them so. It means the difference between a friendly conversation and letting someone know you’d really like to “get to know” them.

Whether you spot someone across a room or are having a conversation with someone you’ve just been introduced to, the trick to flirtatious eye contact is to maintain your gaze longer than usual. Try to meet their gaze, hold it for a few seconds, and then look away. Repeat this a couple times and, if they aren’t giving you weird looks (fingers crossed), only then make your approach a little more forthcoming.


Get A Little Handsy

A light touch here and there done in the right way is an extremely effective form of flirting to let the other person know you’re interested for sure. Touch his shoulder when you’re laughing at his jokes and give him him that extra little bit of attention needed to push you past the just friends stage.

It’s also worth noting if your flirting is a little on the subtle side or may not be as obviously coming across as you’d like, a light touch is perfect and the next step in being more direct. As long as the situation allows and the atmosphere is appropriate goes without saying!


Be Real

Cheesy pickup lines are generally uninspiring and don’t leave much of an impression on whoever you’re trying to flirt with. You want to be remembered as the girl he couldn’t take his eyes off not the girl who loudly exclaimed Grab your coat, you’ve pulled moments after a Sambuca shot, right? So be real. Ask genuine questions coupled with your personality and you’re sure to be onto a winner.


Read The Signals And Take A Hint

When it comes to flirting successfully it all comes down to watching the other person’s body language and listening to how they respond. If you see these signals, you might wanna rethink your person of interest:

They’re being polite, but otherwise unresponsive.

Their smiles don’t look authentic.

They give short, uncomfortable laughs (uh oh).

They’re not volleying back your jokes or asking any questions back.

Remember; nobody likes an overbearing flirt. If you get hit with any of the above, it might be time to think of an excuse and make a quick escape.


Get Rejected? Brush It Off

Lastly rejection can come hand in hand with flirting. Hey, you’re never going to be everybody’s cup of tea and that’s totally OK! Dating is a confusing minefield at the best of times so don’t be disheartened if you face rejection on a first attempt. It’s all part of the experience and as they say practise makes perfect so you’ll be a better flirt for it in the long run anyway!


Good luck and happy flirting!


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