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How To Date During A Pandemic

02 | 04 | 2020

Struggling to think of ideas to strike up the romance during a pandemic?

Well we’ve got you gal. We’ve rounded up some of our fave date tricks to keep the fire burnin’ through these tough times.


How To Date During A Pandemic


Who said we can’t date while in isolation!?

Whether you’ve never met before, put your second date on hold or you’re boyfriend is living separately, there’s still hope gals.

For these dates, you will need:

Bottle of Wine (not essential, but it basically is).

Laptop or phone with video camera.

Cute outfit – CHECK.

amy heckerling clothes GIF


#1 Movie Night In

Although you may not be in the same room, movie nights can still be a thing.

With Chrome extensions, you can now live stream films together to bring it into the comfort of your own home (Yes that’s right, you can now drink & eat unlimited snacks!!)

Get to know each others movie taste or binge watch a series together.

You can even put it on pause for a quick chat too!

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#2 Dinner For Two

Although we may not be able to go to our fave restaurant, we can still get dolled up to look bomb AF.

If you love to cook, get creative! Pick a recipe together and try and cook it simultaneously.

If your best dish is a burnt piece of toast, then grab yourself something to pop in the microwave for more time to chat (or use it as back up just in case)!

Grab a candle and get to know each other.

And if you decide that you’re not feelin’ it, then at least you don’t have to have an awkward taxi ride home!


Screaming Internally First Date GIF by Originals


#3 Games Night 

Love chess? Scrabble? Or determined to prove your knowledge during trivia?

Unleash your competitive nature and challenge your date to beat your high score on Temple Run or Fruit Ninja.

You could even play virtual charades over Zoom!

Whatever you decide, choose something you’d both enjoy and get ready to win!

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#4 Have Your Own Wine Tasting Tour

Grab whatever you have in your cupboards and fridge and pop it all on a table.

Dress to impress as you sit down for an extravagant wine (or whatever you can scrub up) tasting tour.

With many winery’s offering free virtual tours online, you’ll be spoilt for choice on which one to go.

wine tasting drinking GIF by The Nightly Show


#5 Visit A Virtual Zoo

As the weather starts to get warmer, many of us miss visiting our lovable animals at the zoo.

Fortunately, many popular zoos including Chester have started to live stream their parks for an all exclusive pass!

Enjoy a whole day of animal antics with your date, on the comfort of your own sofa.

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