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How To Feel Like You’ve Got Your Sh*t Together

12 | 01 | 2021

How To Feel Like You’ve Got Your Sh*t Together


Okay girls, time to get your sh*t together. Well not completely, let’s be honest nobody has it all figured out. But we figured there’s a few things we can all do to at least FEEL like we’ve got our sh*t together and we’re here to tell you exactly how. Fake it till you make it right?


Plan ahead

Having a clear plan is the best way to make sure you are taking control of your day rather than letting it take control of you. Grab a notebook or diary and jot down what you want to achieve the following day – be realistic about it. Time blocking your days can help you allocate your time wisely but make sure to schedule in time for rewarding yourself whether that’s with a face mask or Netflix and chill’n on the sofa.



Tidy space, tidy mind

I’m sure we can all agree that cleaning has magical therapeutic powers and even better, it’s free! If you really want to feel like you’ve got you sh*t together, this is key. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Set yourself a time limit whether that’s an hour at the weekend or just 20 mins each day and tackle one area at a time. Before you know it your space will be clutter-free and sparkling and we promise you’ll feel a million times better for it.


Get a manicure

There’s something about seeing a girl with a fresh French tip that just screams I’ve got my sh*t together. It’s your turn to be that girl. Book in monthly appointments with your local nail tech or save some cash and do it yourself. After all, life isn’t perfect but your nails can be.



Schedule in time with friends

Catching up with your gals is the best pick-me-up there is but we know the struggle when everyone is on totally different schedules and those all-important brunch dates just never seem to get organised. Set a date and commit. Even if it’s in a months time, it’s so important to make time for friends and this will give you something to look forward to.


Digital De-Clutter

Nowadays we do absolutely everything on our phones, laptops and tablets and create quite a mess behind us. Dedicate some time to organise your files, delete unwanted photos and tackle that dreaded email inbox. You’ll be feelin’ like an organised boss b*tch and have even more storage for selfies.



Do something BEFORE work

Now this is a challenging one, but let’s dream big girls. How good would you feel if before you even start your work day you had done something productive and rewarding to start your day off on the right track? Wake up earlier and go for a walk, do a quick workout or even meditate for 10 minutes. And don’t forget to brag to your colleagues about what you’ve got up to all before they were out of bed so they know you’ve got your sh*t together hun.

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