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How To Get That Summer Glow With NKD SKN

19 | 06 | 2018

The warmer days are here and a glowy tan is a must. If you’re not jet-setting away to tropical climates, don’t worry, NKD SKN got you covered, you can still achieve that sunkissed look with ease. From flawless tans you can apply before the shower to moisturising lotions, your skin is gonna be looking fresh this summer.


How To Get That Summer Glow With NKD SKN


We’re letting you in the know of our fave NKD SKN tan products that you need to allow you to fake it with that all round summer glow.



When you need that bronzed glow, the pre-shower tan creates a killer tan that develops gradually over hours.

That way you can avoid getting tan on your bedsheets and avoid any unwanted fake tan smells.



If you’re in a rush to get out with your besties, let his self tan help you. It provides an instant glow that develops into an even darker tan over time.

This tan glides smoothly over the skin to prevent any streaks, yass girl.



Sick of tan transferring onto your clothes? Us too! That’s why we love this tan, it leaves no traces of tan and not only tans but moisturises too.

Your skin will be glowy and soft for all of those festivals you got coming up this season.



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