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How To: Ombre Lips

13 | 07 | 2017
ombre lips




Welcome to my latest beauty obsession, the ombre lip!

I’m going to be giving you the low down how to achieve the look and how to avoid lip dramas!

Sometimes we all get a little bored of how we do our makeup right? But small changes can make a big difference in taking your makeup to next level LIT!

After experimenting with lip colours I realised my lipstick doesn’t always have to look the same old borin’ell.



Ombre lips are when two or more shades are worn on the lips. I’d always recommend starting with your deepest colour on the outer lip and working inwards using a lighter shade to create the ombre effect.  This will also give the illusion of a fuller pout (and who doesn’t want a fuller pout ATM?!)


Buuuut you don’t have to listen to me gurl, when it comes to beauty there are no rules!


Much like ombre hair, the transition between shades is smooth and seamless. We have all seen so many ombre hair fails, DON’T be one of those girls. Although Queen Bey pulled off dark lipliner back in the Bootylicious days, you’ll just end up looking like Pammy Anderson, and doll that is NOT a good look!


First of all pick the look you are wanting to achieve, whether it’s a red/pink/peach and so on.

For this look we decided to do a red ombre and keep all other makeup looking simple and sultry. This will really draw you into the lips and make them a focal feature on your face.

I started by using Crown lipliner in Fuego to outline the lips and gently shade the product inwards, but be careful not to fill the lips in too much!

I then took MDM Flow lipstick in Supreme and filled in most of the lips, keeping the very inner lip clear.

I finished off the inner lip with Sleek, Flaunt It, however this product is no longer available girl, waaa!

Don’t stress, a good alternative is Papaya by Crown this will give you a very similar look!

Finally using Crown lipliner in Sugar Plum I lightly shaded around the lips, this helps intensify the ombre effect and make sure you’re slayyyying!



Check out the video below for a step by step guide, don’t be afraid to experiment & girl remember, blending is the ultimate key!



For more beauty tips, head on over to our new beauty school page.

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