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How To Spot A F*ckboy

21 | 06 | 2017


OMG have you heard? The ultimate guide on how to spot a F*ckboy!

10 things to avoid when you’re on bae hunt. Gals I’m not saying that all guys with this image are the same; I’m just speaking from personal experience, the past 46783 personal experiences.


Your Guide On How To Spot A Fuckboy

1. Takes way too many selfies

If you’re on Tinder and a guy has a mix of 5 selfies or mirror body selfies then swipe left, don’t hesitate. If they love themselves they only care about themselves. This kind of guy is too busy looking good for every other gal out there, and we ain’t got time for that. P.s get a pic of your dog on there instead, we would rather see that.

2. Takes longer than you to get ready

Hella yeah it’s great for a guy to look after themselves and take pride in their appearance – we love ourselves some eye candy. But if they take longer than you to get ready, then we got issues. They’re more than likely going to love themselves and be extremely arrogant, thinking they’re irresistible to women. In most cases they are, which means they don’t need to commit, because it’s too easy for them to play the field.

3. Snapchat is the new iMessage

When they don’t ask for your number they ask for your snap chat?

So apparently, this is the new thing. Probs so they can hide the messages easier? Abso-obvious you don’t want to be caught out speaking to 60,000 girls.

4. Never compliments you

People may think it’s the other way around, that they are super nice and cute to you (so they can get a piece). Well f#*k boys have evolved, they don’t compliment you no more, this way “they never lead you on”. If they don’t compliment you they’re playing hard to get, and gals we love a chase, we want what we can’t have.

5. First date swerve

When you can’t make the first date because you only started talking to them 2 minutes ago, so they never talk to you again. Um alright then, sorry I have a life. What happened to getting to know someone first?


6. Too popular

Whenever you suggest seeing him and he says, “I’m just a really busy guy”, “I’m just a really popular guy”, or possibly Wednesday, possibly Friday, possibly Sunday. I smell BS, they’re just waiting for the better option to pop up, and if they’re out all the time they don’t need you.

7. Makes no effort

You’re the one that always suggests meeting. Because they’re too cool to make the effort, right? It’s all about the chase.

8. Goes into hiding

You stop going on dates and only spend late nights in on a Sunday, or through the week. This way they won’t be seen out, they must always seem available.

9. Emoj’s + kisses overload

10. Bad communication

They go from the keenest of keen with communication, and then it’s like talking to a brick wall “God I’m so sh*t at texting. So sh*t at replying”. Why are you lying though? You weren’t like that before. Pffft.


To all our PLT baes out there: you deserve the best so don’t settle for any less!

Quit messing around with these f*ck boys and go do you! YASSSSSS QUEEN!


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