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How To Survive A Festival

11 | 03 | 2019

How much we do love a festival?

We’ve been saving outfits in our wishlists since January 2nd and anxiously waiting for line ups to be announced.

We can almost smell that Summer BBQ so that means one thing, it’s ALMOST time!

Grab that face glitter my fellow basics, it’s our time to shine (literally).

But make sure you’re doing it right by following our foolproof guide below!


How To Survive A Festival


Dress Correct

Festivals are a great excuse to dress up as fun and fearless as you like.

Grab those floral headbands, body glitter, neon paint, bright make-up and get L O U D.

It’s probably going to be hot, sweaty, raining, muddy, cold – and somehow all at the same time.

So make sure you dress in layers and feel comfortable in whatever you wear as you want to be able to move around/dance and not worry about your outfit. But obviously, still look cute.

Shop festival appropriate gear here.

U k hun?
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Be Prepared

Baby wipes, hand gel, lip balm, chewing gum – take the essentials to ensure you’re not a grotty mess. Festival toilets anyone? (gross)

Get yourself a sassy bumbag to hold it all in and add to the festival chic look.


real housewives of new york city GIF



Make A Plan (Then Forget It)

The worst thing about festivals is when you lose all your friends. It happens ALL the time.

Work out a plan on where to meet if one of you goes walkies.

Also, have a vague plan of what bands/artists you want to see. And then drink too many frozen margaritas and end up in the House music tent and miss everything.

Classic festival life.


south africa dance GIF by Universal Music Africa




If you’re sleeping al fresco there are some crucial rules to follow.

Get there early to nab a good spot before they all fill up.

Make sure your tent is waterproof. Keep all your stuff safe and make sure you buy a good quality sleeping bag.

You would be surprised how cold it gets at night, even in the summer.

Also, take ear plugs. It’s not rock and roll but you need to get a few decent hours sleep. Otherwise, you’ll look like a zombie covered in glitter the next day.


horror vampire GIF




Just don’t speak to them. Hassle.


Image result for boys coachella gif




Don’t take your expensive smartphone around with you (unless its a day fest obv).

Invest in a cheap phone with endless battery life and a disposable camera. You won’t have time to tweet and gram because of all the fun you’ll be having.

Come back with memories – not a hefty bill for a new phone, hun.




Enjoy! xo

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