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How To Take The Best Content For The ‘Gram

18 | 06 | 2019

Instagram was once the go-to app to post over-filtered photos of your avocado on toast. That is so 2013.

Now it’s all pouts and selfies and ‘look at my amazing beach holiday!’ pics.

Calm down, Sally. We know it rained all week and you got the one good photo during the 34 seconds the sun came out.

Instagram life is a far stretch from reality but that doesn’t stop us getting fully involved.

So if you’re going to do it, do it right! Follow these tips for fail-safe ‘Grammin!

How To Take The Best Content For The ‘Gram


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#1. Get Help

No one great managed to achieve anything single-handedly.

So get your friends, boyfriend, grandma, cat, postman invested in your content and help you in getting the best shot possible.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Duh.


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#2. Visual Porn

You need the perfect backdrop.

Nobody wants to see pics of you at Nandos.

Scout the best locations. Might we suggest Mykonos, Ibiza, Paris, London?

And once you’ve done all of them take it to the next level.

 Mount Everest? Amazon rainforest? Riding pandas in China?

Don’t be ridiculous.


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#3. Tone It Down

Calm down with the airbrushing, face tuning, filtering and photoshopping.

People want aspirational yet relateable pics.

Blurry and fake looking pics look just that. F A K E.

Be real.


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#4. Don’t Be Boring

Have a quick think. ‘do people actually want to see this’?

Is it interesting? Is it a great shot?

Or is it just another snap of your cat that you think is cute but actually looks like a furball from hell?

Think about it.


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#5. Cute Captions

A good, witty caption can take an average post to new levels.

Show your sense of humour and think out the box.

Don’t you dare take a basic bit*h snap of you and your partner and caption it ‘Perfect day with this one’.

No no no no.


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#6. Enjoy It

Instagram is great but don’t get too caught up in posting the perfect shot.

Enjoy where you are.

The experience, the people and making memories is most important.

You’ll cherish that way more than a photo of you trying to make a tired beach in Tenerife look like the Maldives.

Unless you’re actually in the Maldives. Then girl, GET.THAT.CONTENT.


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