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How to Take The Perfect Selfie

19 | 06 | 2020

How to Take The Perfect Selfie

Celebrate #NationalSelfieDay and grace the ‘gram with your best selfie shot.

Need a few tips on how to work those angles? We’ve got you, gal…


Lighting is key

When it comes to the perfect selfie, lighting is everything. Where possible, try to use natural light. Even with no makeup on, natural light will give your skin that ‘grammable glow. And if you can’t get natural light, a ring light will be your next best thing.



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So overwhelmed by the amazing response to the collection! It makes me so happy to see that you guys are loving it! Love you all

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Tilt it

Perfecting the selfie head tilt is an ART. Tilt your head away from your neck from left to right and work out what your best angle is. It might take a couple of shots but you’ve got this, boo.


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Second flex of the week

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Create a clean background

To really make your selfie pop, choose a totally clean background. Find a neutral coloured wall and channel your inner super model for those Kendall Jenner worthy snaps.


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Be your natural self

This one goes without saying, when you’re trying to take a good selfie, just be your natural self. Don’t force your facial features into a pose that feels completely unnatural. You’re already killin’ it, bae.

Have fun with it

Taking selfies can feel like serious work, but don’t let it be. Just have fun, pull a silly pose or apply some funky glam. ENJOY the selfie process.


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recreated @raggedyroyal and I’ve never felt so fabulous 

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When in doubt, smile

If all else fails, just smile. A genuine smile is infectious, so why not spread some positivity with your selfie?!


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go berryyy #CoursesVibes

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