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Insta Hacks To Take Your ‘Gram Game To The Next Level

24 | 09 | 2018

Living for the gram? Here are our tips to get your feed to the next level.


Insta Hacks To Take Your ‘Gram Game To The Next Level


#1 Get Commenting

Seen all the babes on Insta with hundreds of comments and thousands of followers? All of the girls coming together to tell them how lit their new post is and how extra AF their outfit is? That’s because Instagram is a community!

Basically, the size of your audience doesn’t matter if your girls aren’t engaging and commenting on your posts. What goes around comes around! So make sure you comment on all of the posts you like and you’ll get the same in return!


#2 Too Many Hashtags?

Worried about using too many hashtags? We say hell no. There can never be too many, the use of hashtags are literally Insta-essentials! Hashtags are how people find what you are talking about BUT your followers don’t need to see paragraphs of them. We all know that 1 person #who #literally #hashtags #everything.

Get the best of both worlds without being a #TunaMelt by adding Hashtags to your stories. You’re basically using the image you’re pushing out there to hide them but they’ll still be visible to the all-important Insta Gods. Genius, right?

#AllOfTheTags #DontBeABeg


#3 Keep It Parentally Friendly

Has the day finally arrived where your parents have joined Insta? Too many embarrassing weekend antics they shouldn’t be seeing? Don’t worry, your social life doesn’t have to end here, you can keep doing it for the gram and they’ll never know with Insta’s privacy controls!

Here’s what you do:

Tap Settings on your profile

Tap Story Controls

Tap Hide Story From

Select “the parents”

…You’re welcome!


#4 It Might as Well Be A Nokia!

Spent all your money on PLT? Too broke for the new iPhone to take #InstaGoals pics of all your killer outfits? Don’t worry, Insta has you covered with its Focus mode aka the perfect dupe to the Apple Portrait mode which means you too can get the ultimate selfies for the gram. Tip: works with videos not just photos!

Say it with us #BeTheFocus


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