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The Best Dating Apps Out There RN

20 | 09 | 2018

Ah 2018, the year of dating apps, mixed signals and situationships. Modern dating can be hard to navigate, whether you’re searching for The One or just The One For A Night.


The Best Dating Apps Out There RN


We compiled a list of our current fave apps, so you can maximise your dating pool and maybe even find your Prince Charming while you’re at it.


#1. Tinder

real housewives of new york tinder GIF

The OG of dating apps, and the top of our list for a reason. Whether you love or loathe Tinder, there’s no denying it has changed the dating game forever.

Pros: Endless choice. Available in 40 languages (hello, worldies,) Tinder is used by an estimated 50 million people per month. From Los Angeles to Grimsby, a suitable dating partner has got to be floating around the Tindersphere somewhere!

Cons: Almost all profiles feature dogs and/or naked torsos. Only let the former sway you. Owning a pug called Gizmo is NOT a replacement for a personality.


#2. Bumble

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The best app for putting yourself out there. Messaging first is the ultimate girl power move and with Bumble – you kind of have too.

Pros: You have 24 hours to message so the ball is in your court. No more creepy pick up lines from that guy you accidentally swiped right on.

Cons: You’ll have to pre-prepare some witty eye catching one-liners to capture a potential’s attention, only for the bold.


#3. Hinge

ted wingman GIF

Hinge hooks you up with friends of friends, closing in that social circle, and lets you customise your profile to add three key bits of personal info – claiming this will help you find something more ‘real’

Pros: You can grill that handy mutual connection for pre-date deets. ‘Oh you like *insert obscure hipster indie band here*? I too enjoy an amalgamation of white noise, Mongolian throat singing and random cymbals’ – on second thoughts, maybe do your research before you commit to the first date.

Cons: They know your friends, meaning that would-be endearing, clumsy moment when you snorted your G&T, is now everybody’s business. Enjoy it being the main topic of discussion during your next social outing…yikes.


#4. Coffee Meets Bagel

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No, unfortunately this isn’t an app that matches people based on their coffee choices. (Calling all tech designers with a passion for dating apps and cinnamon bagels. Any takers?) Coffee Meets Bagel gives guys 21 quality matches – known as “Bagels” then, Coffee Meets Bagel will curate the best potential matches for women among the men who expressed interest.

Pros: Gives a carefully curated selection, rather than just endlessly swiping.

Cons: The app requires you to give over control to somebody else and let them decide for you. Not one for your inner control freak.


#5. OKCupid

leonardo dicaprio love GIF

Yes, people under the age of 45 use OKCupid too. Don’t believe me? With 1 million active users to date, there has to be some young’ens out there.

Pros: Any guy going to the trouble of navigating OKCupid’s million questions is dedicated and highly skilled in perseverance. No hookup spent THIS long drawing up their tinder bio.

Cons: Worth it, if only to kill time answering bizarre questions about yourself. Particularly enjoyable when you’ve already expended every online personality test.


#6. Sweatt

Image result for gym kiss gif

One for all you gym bunnies out there. Sweatt matches dates via workout routines, so you can yoga with Sebastian in the AM and Crossfit with Kieran in the PM.

Pros: The ultimate opportunity to hashtag #GymGoals on your insta pics. The couples that train together, stay together.

Cons: You kind of have to actually partake in physical exercise. Urgh.

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