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Introducing The PLT Unicorns

10 | 06 | 2024


Introducing the PLT Unicorns.

Our gang of professional PLTers who are on hand to inspire and influence when it comes to what to wear and how to style it.


That’s right! Our Unicorns will be keeping you up to date on the latest trends, sharing their fave PLT picks and showing you how they work the brand their way.

Oh, and did we mention they’re all actual PLT staff so expect HQ sneak peaks, behind-the-scenes content and more.


So, let’s meet the PLTers who are about to be all over your social feeds!



Tia Bolaji

Tia Bolaji

Purchase Ledger Clerk

Tia’s Style In Three Words

Casual. Comfy. Girly-Tomboy.

Shop Tia’s Top Picks


Whitney Galloway


Whitney’s Style In Three Words

Comfortable. Cute. Interchangeable.

Shop Whitney’s Top Picks


Annalise Salm

Annalise Salm

Australian Marketing Manager

Annalise’s Style In Three Words

Office Siren. Old Money. Neutrals.

Shop Annalise’s Top Picks


Gabby Jeffery

Gabby Jeffery

Creative Assistant

Gabby’s Style In Three Words

Mixed. Casual. Dressy.

Shop Gabby’s Top Picks


Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Business Analyst

Amy’s Style In Three Words

Cool. Vintage. Edgy.

Shop Amy’s Top Picks


Liv Skingle

Liv Skingle

Influencer Executive

Liv’s Style In Three Words

Simple. Neutral. Chic.

Shop Liv’s Top Picks


Charles Keenaghan

Charles Keenaghan

Senior Merchandising Admin Assistant

Charles’s Style In Three Words

Clean. Crisp. Queer.

Shop Charles’s Top Picks


Lucy Chetwynd

Lucy Chetwynd

Senior Social Media Executive

Lucy’s Style In Three Words

Comfy. Girly. Fashion-Forward.

Shop Lucy’s Top Picks


James Watts

James Watts

Catering & Hospitality Supervisor

James’s Style In Three Words

Vibrant. Cohesive. Bold.

Shop James’s Top Picks


Ruby Elliot

Ruby Elliot

Senior Assistant Buyer

Ruby’s Style In Three Words

Versatile. Accessorised. Oversized.

Shop Ruby’s Top Picks


Ella Wright

Ella Wright


Ella’s Style In Three Words

Comfy. Cool. Accessorised.

Shop Ella’s Top Picks


Evie Teden

Evie Teden

Influencer & Showroom Assistant

Evie’s Style In Three Words

Bright. Trendy. Cool.

Shop Evie’s Top Picks


Nicole Griffiths

Nicole Griffiths

Senior Buyers Admin Assistant

Nicole’s Style In Three Words

Classic. Simple. Glam.

Shop Nicole’s Top Picks


Think OOTD inspo, styling challenges, BTS content and day in the life vlogs.

So, ready to learn even more about the PLT Unicorns?

PLT Unicorns


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