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Meme Accounts You Need To Follow RN

08 | 05 | 2019

What’s your favourite meme?

As Gemma Collins would say. we love us a good ‘mimay’.

We’ve rounded up a selection of accounts you need to follow RN.

From laugh out loud to the pure silly – get ready to find your new faves.




Celine Dion The Job


Celine Dion is the queen of pulling weird faces, saying odd things and generally being a bit OTT.

This account places Celine into the everyday workplace (a retail store) and the results are hilarious /genius.

Witty, clever, perfectly executed and laugh out loud funny. We’re big fans.





A mix of memes which are seriously LOL.

Nothing is off limits on this page and the memes are borderline offensive but hey – the best jokes are right?!


Liana Finck


Quirky and smart, Liana sums up everyday situations perfectly in just a drawing.

Funny and at times emotionally charged – the perfect page for a scroll on a boring train journey.

And even witches have boy problems, sis.


Love Of Huns


This page captures ‘hun culture’ in the UK to a T.

A mix of has-been celebrities and soap stars in everyday and mundane situations.

Very British & Very Hun.


Poundland Bandit


PoundlandBandit is bare sick with pure joke memes on a regz fam.

If you understood that then you will enjoy this account.

It captures London life in a satirical way but still manages to understand sub-cultures perfectly.

But mostly we just like it because it’s well funny.

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