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Money Saving Tips For Bishes With Expensive Taste

26 | 06 | 2019

Hey, girl. We know its hard being boujee on a budget.

You want to live your best life but the bank balance isn’t cooperating. Sigh.

There is hope in sight! Get your luxury fix and save dollars by following these tips.


Money Saving Tips For Bishes With Expensive Taste

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Beauty Delivered

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Love your beauty and make-up fix?

Stop breaking the bank but still try all the freshest bits every month by subscribing to a monthly beauty box.

There are loads out there and they each offer something a little different.

For between £10 – £15 you will get an exciting package each month with around 5 products.

Glow up incoming!


Half Price Hannah

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There are always at least two mega sales a year, Christmas and Summer.

Shop small through the year and then go big when prices are slashed.

You’ll pick up some great pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Where better to start than the PLT sale?


Pay Day Is NOT Treat Day

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Spend every payday getting lit?

Well you’re going to be lit-erally broke within a week, hun.

Realign your thinking of payday as just another day instead of a treat day.

Plan your spending well and you should still be able to treat yourself – it just doesn’t need to be all on one night!



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Avoid checking your bank statement for weeks? We’ve all been there.

Get an account that helps you manage your spending.

There is a wave of new cards that send you notifications on how much budget you have left and help you spend accordingly.

Move enough money into it for the month and try living off it. It will take some time to adapt but eventually, you’ll be a budget queen.

I.e. you’ll save enough money for that new handbag.


Get Help

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Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean everyone else is!

Ultimate lifehack: get all your boujee items as gifts at birthdays and Christmas!

You get to save and still get that luxury life.

And if you’re friends don’t come through just replace them with new ones.

No, calm down. Appreciate what you get. You’re lucky they still love your broke and boujee a*s.


Good Luck (you’re going to need it)






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