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Signs Your Relationship Will Move Past The Talking Phase

17 | 06 | 2020

Navigating the dating game in 2020 is a challenge, and that’s before you throw a global pandemic in the mix.

Harmless flirtation is a great past time during these times, but once we’re back to reality will it progress to anything more?

The talking stage can make you grow close to someone and give you a routine – a place to invest your energy.

We take a look at the signs suggesting this might be more than a lockdown love.



Signs Your Relationship Will Move Past The Talking Phase


#1. Feeling Secure

At the talking stage, you don’t want to be wondering if you’ll get a text back.

The flow of your chat should be consistent and as frequent as works for you both.

If they’re flaky and only available on their time than it’s prob not a good sign.

You’re trying to get to know each other right? So you both need to invest time into it because it’s fun and you want to. 


#2. Experiences

The talking stage doesn’t just mean exchanging a few WhatsApps.

If they’re keen to share experiences with you and actually get up and do stuff (pandemic permitting) then you’re onto a winner.

Time spent together like this can help strengthen the bond and help you understand if you’re a good fit.

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#3. Listen & Learn

If it’s going to go somewhere then communication is key.

Do you both open up to each other and really listen to what each other have to say?

Your communication style now will define how you progress – you don’t want to be facing communication obstacles down the line.

If you’re vibing off each other and ready to learn all about them you might just secure that bae.

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#4. Fighting Fair

It’s natural to have a bit of conflict here and there.

How you both behave is the key. No one should get nasty or hostile.

If you are able to logically talk things out it’s a good sign of things to come.

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#5. Show Up/Show Love

They do what they said they would do.

Don’t underestimate words. If someone can keep to their word and be consistent it’s a great sign.

It shows they are invested in building this relationship and you can count on them.

You might not be 100% official yet, but actions can mean everything.

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And if all else fails, it’s back to the drawing board.

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