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Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship

04 | 01 | 2018

Finally accepting that you and your longest BFF’s have drifted apart is one of the hardest things to accept. When you go your separate ways at university, and you settle into new friendship groups, these things tend to happen. It becomes a struggle when you are hanging onto these friendships, they start turning toxic, and they become one-sided.

Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship

We brush off the signs because we don’t want to admit the situation we’re in, but it takes two to make a friendship work. It’s time you took a step back bae’s.

Toxic Friendship

#1 Communication

You know you’re in a toxic friendship when they only speak to you once a month, and when they do it’s about themselves (they just want a moan). Forget you have your life and your own problems, it’s only there’s that matter. You feel drained after hanging out with them which should never happen after spending time with friends.

Toxic Friendship

#2 Making Plans

The most annoying thing a person can do is make plans with you and drop you last minute. If they choose to make plans with a boy over you or drop you for a boy, are they really your friend? Sisters before misters after all! When they say the classic ‘play it by ear’, they’re basically waiting for a better offer, and when there isn’t they call you up.

#3 Them VS. Other Friendships

A big part of growing up is meeting new people, you gain some and you lose some. A supportive and loyal friend should embrace this with you. If they get bitter because you’re hanging out with someone other than you, they’re uninterested in your new friends, and generally not bothered about getting to know them, I’m sorry, but this friend is not worth your time.

Toxic Friendship

Friendships are all about creating memories together and making them the best they can be, it can’t all be one-sided. Stop hanging onto false hope hunny’s.


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