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The 5 Worst Things About Summer

28 | 06 | 2019


We eagerly await it’s arrival and pre-order our summer looks in February – dreaming of being poolside and sizzling in the sun.

In our heads, it’s all festivals and BBQ’s. Reality reads more like wet weekends and sweat patches. Not so chic.

Buckle up for our top 5 summer fails.


The 5 Worst Things About Summer

#1. Bugs

We have no idea where they hide all winter but suddenly ants triple in size, grow wings and then have the AUDACITY to attack us.

It’s like Jurassic Park.

Can a basic bi*ch just enjoy her pink gin in the park without being stalked by a killer wasp?

Ugh, if only.

venus williams GIF by Wilson Tennis


#2. Public Transport

A hot, sweaty bus on a Summer’s day. Say no more.

hot lisa kudrow GIF by The Comeback HBO


#3. Humid Huns

Your hair will look flat.

Your make up will melt off.

You will have sweat patches.

You will have a permanent sweaty sheen on your face.

You will be sunburnt.

burnt family guy GIF


#4. Forced Fun

It’s Summer so you just HAVE to be in a beer garden. At that BBQ. Out and about.

Well no actually. Not all the time.

Sometimes we want a dark room, Netflix and a fan.

michael cera binge watch GIF


#5. Weather Dressing

Will the sun turn to rain?

Is it warm or is it humid?

Will it get chilly later?


raining tiffani amber thiessen GIF


Bring on Christmas.



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