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The Best Halloween Films To Get You Feeling Spooky

06 | 10 | 2021


It’s spooky season, witches!


The Best Halloween Films To Get You Feeling Spooky


Whether you’re hosting a movie night, aimlessly scrolling through Netflix or just wanting to feel a bit more spooky – peep below our selection of the best Halloween films from animated classics to horrific slashers.



An audacious girl finds a secret door in her family’s new home containing a seemingly ‘perfect’ version of her current frustrating life. When Coraline realises the sinister secrets of the parallel reality, she must try to get back to her real family and eradicate the evil behind the door…

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The first in the infamous American slasher franchise, 5 friends come across what appears to be a deserted farmhouse. When curiosity takes the best of them, they’re soon greeted by a leather faced man armed with a chainsaw and must do everything they can to escape…

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Monster House

Three inquisitive teenagers discover their bitter neighbour’s house is a living monster that hates children and wants them gone. As Halloween approaches, the trio must try to destroy the house to save the children, whilst uncovering a menacing truth…

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When Michael Myers murders his sister on Halloween night, he’s convicted and locked away for 15 years. On his journey to the courthouse he manages to escape and all hell breaks loose when he returns to his hometown on October 30th in search of his next victims…

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Corpse Bride

As timid groom Victor rehearses his vows in the woods for his upcoming arranged marriage, a deceased young woman rises from her grave assuming the proposal was for her. After whisking him off to the land of the dead, Victor must get back to the land of the living before his betrothed marries the villainous Count…

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Pet Sematary

After a family lose their pet cat in an accident, they’re advised to bury it in the old pet cemetery. When the cat resurrects and with a wicked personality change, a darkness is released that soon haunts the family in terrifying ways…

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

When the spiritless Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, finds Christmas Town he’s instantly mesmerized with its festive wonder. However his obsession leads him to abduct Santa Claus, causing chaos all over the world and threatening the fate of Christmas…

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Trick R’ Treat

On Halloween, five interwoven stories occur on the same block revealing a terror in their small town. From dealing with the lethal consequences of blowing out a jack-o-lantern before midnight to the high school principals sinister secret life, the residents realise that some traditions are best not forgotten…

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Harry Potter

The infamous eight film fantasy series surrounds the chronicles of young wizard Harry Potter and his friends Ron and Hermione. As they battle their school years at Hogwarts, the trio must fight to defeat the darkest wizard in the world whilst uncovering the truth behind his and Harry’s deadly connection…

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A Nightmare On Elm Street

A young girl realises her friends are being killed one by one in their dreams and thus dying in real life. She must then fight to stay awake to avoid becoming the next victim of clawed killer Freddy Krueger…

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Hocus Pocus

When Max moves to Salem with his family, he attempts to impress his new friend and sister by lighting a cursed Candle of Black Flame resulting in the resurrection of three 300 year old witches. With the assistance of a magical cat, the kids must steal the witches’ book of spells to stop them from becoming immortal…

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The Witches

After a young boy stumbles onto a witch’s convention, he realises their plan to rid the world of all children. He must now stop them succeeding and turning all children, including himself, into mice…

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The five part fantasy movies follow the journey of Bella Swan, as she falls in love with mysterious classmate Edward Cullen who reveals himself and his family to be vampires. Despite the historical dispute between vampires and wolves, they join forces in an effort to protect Bella from a coven of evil vampires…

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The Addams Family

When the eccentric Addams family move to an eerie mansion outside a humdrum suburb, problems arise when their child Wednesday befriends the daughter of a corrupt reality show host Margaux Needler. Awaiting the arrival of their even creepier relatives, Margaux insights a witch hunt to eradicate the family from disrupting the picture perfect town…

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