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The Latest Dating Trend ‘Scrooging’ Explained

29 | 10 | 2019

Well, look at you.

All cheery and excited for the festive season with bae.

Sofa spoons and movie nights, Christmas markets, pumpkin lattes and other basic bi*ch activities with your partner making you feel all warm and fuzzy.

But hold your horses.


The Latest Dating Trend ‘Scrooging’ Explained

There’s a new dating trend in town and it might just leave you feeling red-faced like Rudolph.



What is it?

Essentially, your cheapo partner decides they can’t afford to fork out on a Christmas present for you.

Rather than take the mature approach and just let you know they’re a bit tight – they dump you.

That’s right. Left in the cold dark winter to have a depressing Xmas.



Why do they do it?

To avoid the expense and perhaps also the commitment of having to buy you a present.

And because they’re weak.


Is it really over?

For now, yeah.

But they might be back in January once the festive period is over and they’ve finished ruining your Xmas.


What can you do?

You’re now single for New Year’s Eve.

Find someone new to kiss at midnight and start the year without that old loser.

Tip: keep receipts so you can return his presents.


UGH why ME?

Tbh, if you’re dating someone that would do that in the first place they are NOT worth your time.

See it more as a Christmas miracle and get the F out of there.

You deserve better.



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