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The Millennial’s Guide To Dating

13 | 11 | 2018

Dating in 2018 is a complicated affair.

Try explaining the current world of dating apps, ghosting, situationships etc. to an older person and that confused look on their face will sum it up perfectly.

The smartphone has changed the way we communicate. You can FaceTime your bestie while she’s travelling the world which is amazing. But you can also analyse his Instagram stories for 14 hours trying to work out who he’s at Nandos with. Chicken stalking is not fun, hun.

The Millennial’s Guide To Dating

Technology has changed the way we have relationships. Put that phone on Do Not Disturb and let’s see get the goss.


Social Official

Centuries ago when you got serious with bae you made it official on Facebook and it was a solid statement to the world of your new found love.

Literally, only your Uncle Brian posts on Facebook anymore so that’s over, cancelled, next.

The new ‘official’ is tagged photos together on Instagram and a slightly cringe caption reading ‘this one’ or #couplegoals.

So if you’re not on the gram – you ain’t official girl.

instagram GIF


Shared Calendars

You don’t ask someone to share a home with you anymore, that’s so 2003.

People are keeping their flat keys and instead sharing their calendars, putting on read receipts and making their location available.

Stalker vibes.

This new level of transparency apparently shows commitment and a real bond. Okaaaay then.

Maybe we can forget this one. We don’t need him knowing we’re at KFC when we actually told him we’re at home studying. Can I get an amen?


stalking lena dunham GIF by Girls on HBO


Background Checks

Every time we post online we leave a little insight into our world, relationships, work, state of mind etc. So now when we meet someone we have a huge amount of information available on them.

Best not to waste hours scrolling through this though. You don’t need to know what his ex-girlfriend wore to Bali in 2015. Oh my god as if she met the parents after 4 months. She shouldn’t have got balayage, it’s so wrong for her.

Ok, stop now.


tv land evidence GIF by #Impastor


Long Distance Persistence

Now that you can FaceTime, Snapchat, Whatsapp, DM, Tweet (and everything else) it means it’s much easier to stay in touch wherever they are.

Imagine 20 years ago having to sit next to your mum’s house phone waiting for bae to call. Then having an awkward conversation in the lounge as your family listen in.

Not the one.


its me hello GIF



Thank U, Next

The blessing of the smartphone, however, is that it’s easier than ever to get rid of any sign of them.

Archive those Instagram pics, put their stories on mute and block them on Whatsapp.




Thank U, Next!


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