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The PLT Guide To Angel Numbers

07 | 10 | 2022


Seeing angel numbers everywhere?


The PLT Guide To Angel Numbers


Ever looked at your phone only to see 11:11?

Commuting to work and keep spotting reg plates with the same figures?

Billboards constantly showing repetitive numbers? Maybe your daily coffee receipt keeps totaling £2.22.

Many refer to the repeating pattern of particular numbers as angel numbers.

Today we’re sharing what angel numbers are what each number means.


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So, what actually are angel numbers? 

Angel numbers are sequences (usually three or four numbers) that contain repetition, for example 111 or 444.

They usually appear in the most ordinary of places yet manage to grab our attention.

This is because the figures have a sense of wonder around them due to what they symbolise.

It’s believed that angel numbers are spiritual numbers that offer insight, wisdom and direction.

Particular numbers mean different things and can often confirm you’re on the right path or give you additional direction in your times of need.


What makes angel numbers special? 

As angel numbers are not associated to your birth information they are not determined by your zodiac, astrology or birth charts.

Angel numbers do not shed light on your identity but instead are seen as a guide through life.

Some people find themselves followed by a particular angel number for years rather than just a single occurrence.

Angel numbers create a mystical feel mainly as they arrive when you’re not looking for them, yet they can appear anywhere.

Clocks and alarms, phone numbers, prices and addresses – you name it, angel numbers can appear in the most mundane of places.

They can often be seen as a reminder that you have a purpose can feel reassuring at times of need.


Let’s discuss the numbers & their meanings…



New opportunities.

Seeing repetitive zeros could be a sign of new beginnings.

Fresh start, we see you!




Trust your gut & listen to your heart.

Repeating 1’s are a sign of support.

Understand you are capable of everything you desire.




You are in the right place at the right time.

Seeing 2’s is a sign of coming together, a feeling of content.

Never block a blessing.




A higher power is with you.

Catching 3’s is a sign to trust yourself.

A message to stand strong for what you want.




The universe is protecting you.

Understand you are receiving support and soulful energy.

A sign to clear your vision.




A change is coming.

Repeating 5’s are a sign of transformation.

You’re connecting with something much bigger than yourself.




Wake up to your higher truth.

The number 6 will appear when you’re looking too far past yourself.

Consideration is key.




Luck is on your side.

Seeing 7’s means you’re in for a spell of good luck.

Incredible things are on the horizon.




Everything is falling into place as it should.

Trust the process, it will be worth it in the end.




Let go of what is no longer serving you.

When the 9’s are in vision it’s time to step up.

Trust how you feel and understand your path.


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