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The Types Of People You Meet At The Airport

26 | 04 | 2018


Is it just us or is the airport some sort of alternative universe full of eccentric folk that are def worth people watching while you’re waiting around to hitch your ride to somewhere way more fun (and warm)? Not to mention the place where the holiday blues officially start kick in as soon as your touch back down on your home turf.


The Types Of People You Meet At The Airport


If you’re jetting off on a much-needed vacay or are just dreaming of the day you can put your Out Of Office on, get prepped for the inevitable with our round-up of the 6 types of people you always meet at the airport.


#1 The Man Who Means Business

He’s there alone, engaging with no one and nothing – except his laptop as he’s deep in some obv majorly important business. This all changes when it comes to getting through security though. He’s got no time for fun and R&R and is in a major rush to get to somewhere really important and wants you all to know about it. Chill hun, we’re all itching to get to that sandy beach with a Pina Colada in hand, ok?

#2 Crying Babies

Need we say more? What you once thought was cute is all about to change. Nothing can quite compare to settling down for a long-haul then having the sudden realisation there’s a temperamental toddler in the seat in front of you who’s basically a ticking, or crying, time bomb. Better get those earphones at the ready.

#3 The Drunk

She’s usually flying alone (where are her friends and family?!) and is clearly seriously nervous about it ‘cos she’s drunk way too more than she should have at the pre-flight bar. You do kind of feel bad for her but not as much as you hope she’d not sitting near you on the plane.

#4 The Lads On Tour

Loud, annoying, loud… did we mention loud? Whatever destination you’re heading there’s guaranteed to be a group of lads off to live their best life for a week of sun, sea and scandal. Easy to spot ‘cos they’re already in their idea of holiday best (read board shorts, vest top and flip flops in garish colour combo). Calm down lads, you’ve not hit the strip quite yet.

#5 The Backpackers

It’s official; they’ve got a seriously large rucksack (often bashing into you with no apology) filled with the only worldly possessions they need and they’re off to find themselves. You’ll need to tap into your own inner zen to put up with over-hearing their deep and meaningful convo about how they’ve recently discovered the true meaning of life. Give it a rest hun we all know you’re off to Thailand on a mega sesh.

#6 The Time Wasters

We’ve all had (literal) hours to get our passport and boarding passes ready and prepared to flash to the security personnel so we can whiz through the gates and onto a (semi) comfortable seat on the plane – so why is it you’re holding up the queue flapping around to find your important docs? Literal eye roll.


Jetting off? Keep your airport gear in check. You’re welcome.

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